Canadian Academic English Language Test (CAEL)

Take the CAEL test at home, online, or at a test center! CAEL stands for Canadian Academic English test to identify and measure the English language skills of students planning to study abroad at Canadian colleges or universities. The CAEL test ensures the representation of language used in Canada. In this test, students will read articles, write short essays, and answer the questions as they perform in Canadian universities or colleges. The CAEL is the most convenient test option with the availability of quick online results.


Here are some benefits that will explain better why take the CAEL test 

  • It is a convenient testing option

  • Gives quick results

  • Accept by major institutions in Canada

  • Fully computer-delivered test

  • Integrated skills

  • Give online and offline

We at Western Overseas support the test takers to achieve desired scores on the CAEL test and help them achieve their dreams of moving to Canada. So, if you are planning to appear for the Canadian English Language Test, visit Western Overseas or call us to know the course details.

What You Need to Know Before Registering for the CAEL Test?

A Candidate can register for the CAEL test in two formats, i.e., online or offline (at the test center). You can appear for the CAEL test from anywhere (online) in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, the USA, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Colombia, Japan, India, South Korea, Indonesia, and the United Arab Emirates. You must meet all the system requirements to take the CAEL test at home. On the other hand, you can find many CAEL test centers worldwide, including India, the Philippines, Canada, Mexico, the Republic of Korea, China, and the UAE.

Note: "For SDS, a test score from a CAEL Test Centre must be provided. CAEL Online is NOT accepted for Student Direct Stream (SDS)."

CAEL Test Format

The total CAEL test time is approx. 3.5 hours, which includes Reading, listening, speaking, and writing. In this test, test takers have to complete a range of tasks and are required to give answers in the same order as what they read or listened to. CAEL evaluates English skills to get admission to Canadian institutions and organizations. At Western Overseas, we will discuss the test format in detail, study tips, and scoring methods and help you prepare for the test.

1) Reading: In this section, you will get academic texts to read and answer them. Questions may include identifying details, main ideas, and making inferences. It assesses your reading and comprehension skills. The time allotted in integrated Reading is 35 to 50 minutes, including 14 to 25 questions (passages with comprehension questions) and one speaking question to answer from the reading passage.

2) Listening: It evaluates your ability to understand English in everyday contexts of academics. It includes listening for main ideas, multiple-choice questions, details, etc. It provides time from 25-35 minutes for three parts. In part 1, listen to a short passage and answer around three questions. In part 2, read the long academic passage and answer around 11 questions, and in part 3, speak in a long academic lecture for 1 question.

3) Writing: In the writing section, test takers respond to a prompt by writing a short response or an essay. You will be assessed on your ability to convey ideas clearly and coherently while demonstrating good writing skills.

4) Speaking: It assesses your ability to communicate orally in an academic context. You may ask to participate in giving a short presentation or discussion. Your fluency, pronunciation, and ability to convey ideas effectively are evaluated. The time allotted for speaking is 7-10 minutes, including 3 question types (two speaking tasks on short questions, one is based on graph/chart/diagram).

Overall, the CAEL Test aims to evaluate an individual for academic study in English-speaking Canadian institutions. The CAEL Test uses a scale of 10 to 90 points for each section, with an overall score. Canadian institutions use the scores to determine whether applicants have the necessary English language proficiency for admission. Different institutions may have additional score requirements, so you must check with the specific institution you're applying to. At Western Overseas, we provide official study materials, including sample test questions and practice tests, to help test-takers prepare. These are essential details about the CAEL test. If you want to know more information and start your preparation, we at Western Overseas will be happy to assist you.