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Nowadays, most Indian nationals are traveling to Australia to explore more opportunities for study, work, and live. So, a dependent visa in Australia allows international candidates to bring their families to Australia. However, this dependent visa only applies to the family members of Australian PR residents, Australian citizens, and New Zealand citizens. This dependent visa includes children, spouses, and other eligible family members.

To be eligible for an Australia-dependent visa, you should have valid relationship proof with a family member sponsoring you to Australia. You also meet some character and health requirements. So, If you want to join your family or partner in Australia, visit Western Overseas. We have a team of immigration lawyers who help you reunite with your families and loved ones.



1. Spouse/Partner Visa: This visa is for an ongoing and genuine relationship with a PR resident in Australia, an Australian citizen, or an eligible New Zealand citizen. It includes Subclass 820/801 or 309/100. The subclass 820/801 is for individuals applying within Australia. Whereas subclass 309/100 is for individuals using outside Australia. It allows the spouse to live and work in Australia. Initially, this spouse visa is temporary,  but after some time, it can lead to PR status.

2. Child Visa: This visa (Subclass 802/101 or 445) is for dependent children of  Australian eligible PR residents, Australian citizens, or New Zealand citizens. The child must be under 18 years of age and single. Also, there are some other different subclasses for applicants onshore and offshore.

  • The subclass 802 is an onshore child visa and can be applied by parents on behalf of their child if the child is below 18 years of age.

  • Subclass 102 (adoption visa) allows an overseas individual's adopted child to live with their adoptive parents in Australia.

3. Parent Visa (Parent Visa Subclass 143/173 or Subclass 103): Parents of Australian citizens, PR residents in Australia, or eligible New Zealand citizens can apply for these parent visas. They allow parents to live in Australia. These visas have long processing times and may require substantial financial contributions.

  • The parent visa subclass 103 allows bringing parents who are outside Australia.

  • Subclass 143 is a contributory parent visa for those who wish to move to Australia.

  • Subclass 864/884 visa is for parents who are outside Australia and want to move to Australia to live with their children who are Australian citizens or PR residents.

  • Subclass 804 is an Aged Parent Visa for parents living in Australia with an age requirement.

3. Child Visa (Subclass 445): This visa (Dependent) is for children of temporary partner visa holders who still need to be granted permanent partner visas. It allows these children to stay in Australia while their parent's partner visa application is processed. Subclass 445 visa in Australia is for the dependent children of those eligible individuals with permanent access under assessment.

4. Remaining Relative Visa: This visa (Subclass 115/835) is for people with no close relatives living outside Australia and are the last remaining relative of an Australian citizen, PR resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen. This visa (Subclass 114/838) is for elderly dependent relatives of Australian citizens, PR residents, or New Zealand citizens.

5. Carer visa and orphan relative visa: Subclass 836/116 is for individuals with medical conditions with close family members in Australia. Subclass 837/117 is for individuals with no parents but eligible relatives to care for them.

Australia Dependent Visa Requirements

To apply for a dependent visa in Australia, you have to provide the following documents while applying for a visa application.

For partner visa Australia:-

  • You must be in an ongoing and genuine relationship with your partner.

  • You and your partner must meet character and health requirements.

  • Financial support evidence may be required.

For child visa:-

  • The child must be unmarried and dependent on the sponsoring parent.

  • The sponsoring parent must be an Australian, PR resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen.

  • Meet health and character requirements.

For parent visa:-

  • Need Assurance of Support, where a sponsor provides financial support to the parent(s).

  • At least half of your children must be living in Australia or be Australian citizens, PR residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens (Balance of family test).

In conclusion, the dependent visa is a great option to bring and reunite family members in Australia. It allows dependents to study, live, work, and enjoy other benefits. For more information, you can visit Western Overseas!