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New Zealand is a beautiful island located in the South Pacific Ocean. The country supports immigrants and timely introduces new policies to boost its immigration system. Thousands of newcomers move into the country for various reasons such as study, work, or business. And choose to remain in the country for a better life and a promising future. However, staying apart from families in a new country is also a drawback. To end the separation, the immigration authority in New Zealand offers the family-based VISA scheme. Under it, family members of immigrants staying in New Zealand on temporary or permanent status can migrate on different dependent visa types. Let’s start exploring all kinds of dependent visas for family reunions.

1. Dependent VISA for Partners

Spouses or legal partners of NZ citizens, PR holders, or temporary NZ visa holders can apply to move to New Zealand. Various Dependent VISA options are available that you can find here.

2. Dependent VISA for Children

This VISA category is to bring children in New Zealand who are financially dependent on their parents and need parental support. Different visa types are available to cover all immigration needs. We will study and explain every type to you; stay tuned.

a) Dependent Child Resident VISA

New Zealand permanent residents or citizens are allowed to invite their children. The complete eligibility criteria to apply for the visa are as follows:

  • Your child must be single

  • The age of your child must be under 24 years

  • The child must be entirely dependent on you

  • The child must not be married

VISA Rights

  • Your child can stay with you for an indefinite period.

  • The child can study a course of his or her interest anywhere in New Zealand.

  • If the child is old enough, he or she will have work rights as well

b) Dependent Child Student VISA

Temporary residents in New Zealand on a student visa are also allowed to invite their children if they fulfill the eligibility criteria mentioned below:

  • The child must be 19 years or under

  • The parent must have enough funds to support the child

  • The child must be financially dependent on the parents

  • The child’s parents must agree to pay living and health care expenses

  • The parent must have a minimum yearly income of NZ$43,322.76 if also have a     skilled or religious work visa


  • The staying period will be the same as the parent’s visa

  • The child can enroll in primary education

  • The education will be free of cost

c) Dependent Child of a Work Visitor VISA

Immigrants staying in New Zealand on work visas are eligible to bring their children to New Zealand. On meeting certain eligibility criteria children can join their parents. Conditions to be fulfilled are:

  • The child must be 19 years or under this age

  • The child must be single and have a complete dependency on the parents

  • Parents must have enough funds to support their children

VISA Rights

  • Length of stay will be same as of parent’s work visa

  • The child can study a course of 3-months duration

  • The child can explore the country as a visitor

VISA Type Cost Processing time
Dependent Child Resident Visa NZD $2750 12 months
Dependent Child Student Visa NZD $375 56 days
Child of a Worker Visitor Visa NZD $211 55 days


3. Dependent VISA for parents

There are few VISA options for New Zealand immigrants to bring their parents or grandparents to New Zealand. These are

a) Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa - Applicants are eligible to apply for this visa if their children or grandchildren have permanent residency or citizenship in New Zealand. The maximum staying period is 18 months in total 3 years with multiple entries. The VISA serves the purpose of visiting the family for a short period.

b) The Parent Resident Visa - Immigrants with PR or citizenship status in New Zealand have the right to bring their parents for an indefinite time period. The parents can freely live, work, or study anywhere in the country.

c) The Parent Retirement Resident Visa - Similar to the parent resident, this visa category is designed for PR holders and citizens of New Zealand to bring their parents permanently to the country. However, the eligibility criteria are different and a bit complex. If you meet the following conditions your parents can apply for the visa type.

  • You must have a balance of NZ $1 million or more to invest for 4 years

  • You must have a yearly income of NZ $60,000 or more

  • Another fund of NZ$500,000 is also required to prove your financial stability

VISA Type Cost Processing time Sponsorship
Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa NZD $211 5 months Required
The Parent Resident Visa NZD $3180 Variable Required
The Parent Retirement Resident Visa NZD $5230 53 months Required

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