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The recent announcement by the UK government to place restrictions on international postgraduate students (pursuing non-research courses) to bring dependents into its country on their (students) visas from January 2024 is forcing several Indian students, mainly Punjabis, to study other options.

Your partner and child can join you in the UK as dependents if they are eligible. But, The family members of dependents must be studying, working, or living in the UK. Dependent visa UK allows dependents to travel and stay in the UK.

Who can Apply for a UK Dependent Visa?

To apply as a dependent, you must be the spouse, unmarried partner, or civil partner of a sponsor. As a child, you must be under 18 or 16 years or older (if EEA is national, the dependency age for children is 21 years). Also, you need to provide evidence to prove your relationship, such as a marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc. if the child is above 16 years of age, any two of the following documents are required:-

  • Letter for address proof (from current school/college/university)

  • Bank statements

  • Driving license

  • Credit card bills

  • NHS registration document

Documents required for UK dependent visa

  • Marriage Certificates.

  • For Civil/Spouse Partner

  • Tax Bills.

  • Housing Society/Bank Statements.

  • Medical Registration Documents.

  • Utility Bills.

  • Sponsor’s CAS Number.

To sponsor your partner or child, you must be a government-sponsored student (Take a course longer than six months) or a full-time student (at postgraduate level). But, if your postgraduate course starts on or after January 2024, it should be a Ph.D. or doctorate and must be research-based. Moreover, the sponsor in the UK whom you wish to join should be financially stable and must be willing to support you.

How much does it cost to apply for a UK-dependent visa?

Condition’s Apply outside the UK Apply in the UK
Cost (if you are joining your partner, child, or parent) £1,538 £1,048
Cost for (each dependant added to your visa application) £1,538 each person £1,048 each person

How long it takes

If you apply outside the UK, a result will come within 24 weeks. But, If you are using within the UK, a decision will come within eight weeks of your Visa application.

Types and their Requirements of UK Dependent Visa

1. Tier 1 Dependent visa

This Visa is for entrepreneurs, skilled individuals, investors, and graduates from outside the EEA(European Economic Area) and European Union.

2. Tier 2 Dependent visa

This Visa is for professional sports persons, skilled workers, and clergy members with job offers from the UK outside the EEA.

3. Tier 4 Dependent visa

It is for children over 16 who wish to study outside the EEA in the UK for school, university, and college.

4. Tier 5 Dependent visa

It includes creative, temporary workers, sporting charities, religious workers, and youth mobility schemes.

5. Appendix W

This Visa is for entrepreneurs and business people who wish to start a new business in the UK. But, before starting a business, the idea must be innovative, unique, and scalable.

How to apply for a UK dependent Visa?

To apply for a UK-dependent visa application, you need to determine your eligibility first and then prepare and submit the documents supporting each of the applicants. Also, check the specific visa type for which you can apply under a dependent Visa. If you want to apply online by yourself then you can visit and explore here to know more details. Book your appointment for biometrics for fingerprints and photographs. Then, pay your visa application fees and attend an interview if required. Once the application is submitted, you need to wait for the results. Otherwise, you can come to Western Overseas for the highest chances of success. We will help you get the right documents checklist and complete assistance during visa application processing. We are the dedicated and best immigration consultants to help you throughout the process.