IELTS GT Writing

IELTS GT-General Training Writing

The Duration of IELTS GT-General Training Writing test is one hour. This test consists of two separate writing tasks. You must answer both tasks.

Writing task 1:

Duration: 20 Minutes

Word Limit: 150 words

In this task you need to write a letter in response to a given situation

Writing task 2:

Duration: 40 Minutes

Word Limit: 250 words

In this task you need to write a discursive essay. You will be given an opinion, problem or issue that you need to discuss. You can be asked to compare and contrast different ideas, provide solutions, challenge an idea or evaluate a problem.

Assessment: You will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Task Response
  • Coherence and cohesion
  • Lexical Resource
  • Grammatical Range and accuracy

N.B. Writing Task 2 is worth twice as many marks as Writing Task 1.

IELTS GT Writing Tips:

  1. You need to manage your time well, In the GT Writing test. You won’t be allowed to take your mobile phone into the exam room, so take a reliable watch into the exam with you.
  2. Just like Writing Task 1 your writing Task 2 answer will be assessed based on the lexical resources or vocabulary you use. This means that you need to avoid repeating words from the question and use as wide a variety of words and phrases to discuss the topic as you can.
  3. Leave at least three minutes at the end to check your writing. Check your spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  4. The examiner will assess the coherence and cohesion of your answer. They will judge how your ideas are organized and how you link information. Planning before you write is the best way to make sure your ideas are organized in a logical way.
  5. The examiner will assess the grammatical Accuracy of your answer. They will judge how accurate your sentence structures are, and also whether you have shown a range of structures and not limited yourself to basic ones. Make sure you vary your sentences in the exam.
  6. The score you get for Writing Task 2 is two thirds of your total writing score, so it is very important that you spend a full full 40 minutes on this part of the IELTS writing paper. You are given more time than for Writing Task 1 because you need to write 250 words, and also Because you have to use your own ideas. Spend at least four or five minutes planning your Ideas before you start writing.
  7. Writing an essay like this is a formal situation and so your language must be formal or neutral as well. Never use notes or bullet points. You will lose marks if you use abbreviations or language that is too casual.
  8. You will lose marks if you copy words from the question. Make sure to prepare the Ideas.

Your answer will also be marked on coherence. You need to make sure your Ideas are organized into separate paragraphs.