Expected Writing Task 2 Questions for Exam

It is not so easy to obtain the desired Band score in IELTS as it seems. No, matter how good your English is, but to score high in IELTS you should prepare well with the best study material. In IELTS preparation relevant study material plays a key role. So here this time we are going to provide you some expected Writing Task 2 Questions for Exam. These questions are provided by the highly qualified IDP and British Council Certified Faculties of Western Overseas. Especially, it is very helpful for the student who are preparing for their IELTS Exam. So try to solve these questions, you can expect any of these questions In your IELTS. So prepare well and score as high As you can.


  1. Children nowadays spend a great deal of time watching television. However, television cannot replace the book as a learning tool, which is why children are less well‐educated today. To what extent do you agree with this statement?
  2. Some people think that foreign visitors should be charged more than locals when they visit cultural and tourist attractions in a country. To what extent do you agree with this view?
  3. Universities should allocate the same amount of money to students’ sports activities as they allocate to their libraries. Do you agree?
  4. Tourism is becoming increasingly important as a source of revenue to many countries, but its disadvantages should not be overlooked. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
  5. Throughout history, people have dreamed of living in a perfect society, but they have not agreed on what an ideal society would be like. What do you think is the most important element of a perfect society in the modern world? How can people work towards achieving an ideal society?
  6. More and more companies are allowing employees to work at home. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?
  7. Many people say that the only way to guarantee a good job is to complete a course of university education. Others claim that it is better to start work after school and gain experience in the world of work. Discuss
  8. Some people think that spending a lot on holding wedding parties, birthday parties and other celebrations is just a waste of money. Others, however, think that these are necessary for individuals and the society. Discuss.
  9. Many people say that movies and TV programs affect us negatively while others say that they are two influential and useful media for us. How do movies and TV affect us?
  10. Nowadays we are producing more and more rubbish. Why do you think this is happening? What can governments do to help reduce the amount of rubbish produced?
  11. Many young people are leaving their homes in rural areas to study or work in the cities. What are the reasons? Do the advantages of this development outweigh its disadvantages?
  12. Nowadays, international tourism is the biggest industry in the world. Unfortunately, international tourism creates tension rather than understanding between people from different cultures. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?
  13. Demand for food is increasing worldwide. What is the cause of this? What measures can the international community take to meet this demand?
  14. Experts say older people were happier and healthier in the past because they did more exercise and spent more time with family and friends, whereas now many suffer loneliness and health problems. What are the causes of this and what are some solutions?
  15. People spend a lot of money on various things as they earn more money nowadays than before. Is it a positive or negative development?
  16. Many famous sports players advertise sports products. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?
  17. These days many families move to other countries for work. Some people believe that the children in these families benefit from this move. However, others believe that it makes life more difficult for the children. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.
  18. Many people think that more money will make them happier. How important is money for happiness?
  19. Some people think parents should supervise their children’s activities closely, while others believe children should have more freedom. Discuss
  20. Today, many people do not realize how important the natural world is. Why is this How can people learn more about the importance of the natural world?
  21. In many countries, weddings are getting bigger and more expensive than the past. Is this a positive or negative development?
  22. Some believe that it is the responsibility of people to take care of the environment. Others say it is the government that should take care of the environment. Discuss
  23. These days, mobile phones and the internet are very important to the ways in which people relate to one another socially. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?
  24. Scientists believe that in order to protect the environment, people must use less energy in their daily lives. However, most people have not changed the way they live. Why do you think many people have not taken individual action? What could be done to encourage them to take action?
  25. Films and computer games which contain violence are very popular. Some people believe they have a negative effect on society and so should be banned. Other people, however, say they are just harmless and help people to relax. Discuss both these points of view and give your own opinion.
  26. Many doctors say that people in today’s world do not do enough physical exercise. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions are there to this problem?
  27. More and more parents are allowing their children to play on computers and tablets as they think that children should learn technology skills. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?
  28. Many people join distance‐learning programs (study material, post, TV, Internet) and study at home, but some people think that it cannot bring the same benefit as attending colleges or universities does. Do you agree or disagree?
  29. Psychological illnesses may not be as obvious as physical disabilities or illnesses, nevertheless they are just as disabling in their own way. Society, however, is more accepting of those with physical than psychological illnesses or disabilities. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
  30. Should education and healthcare be free of charge and funded by the government, or should it be the responsibility of the people to pay for these services? Write at least 250 words.
  31. Governments spend a lot of money on public celebrations such as national holidays and public festivals. Some people say that the government spends too much on this and that they should use this money on other useful things. Do you agree or disagree?
  32. In some schools and universities, girls tend to choose arts subjects (e.g. literature), and boys tend to choose science subjects (e.g. physics). Why do you think this is so? Should this tendency be changed? Do you agree or disagree?
  33. Due to so many young people dropping out from schools, the rate of unemployment is increasing and it affects our society in different ways. In your opinion, how can this situation be improved? Write at least 250 words.
  34. Children are facing more pressures nowadays from academic, social and commercial perspectives. What are the causes of these pressures and what measures should be taken to reduce this? Write at least 250 words.
  35. Some people believe that allowing children to make their own choices on everyday matters (such as food, clothes and entertainment) is likely to result in a society of individuals who only think about their own wishes. Other people believe that it is important for children to make decisions about matters that affect them. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.
  36. In a number of countries, some people think it is necessary to spend large sums of money on constructing new railway lines for very fast trains between cities. Others believe the money should be spent on improving existing public transport. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. Write at least 250 words.
  37. More and more people are migrating to cities in search of a better life, but city life can be extremely difficult. Explain some of the difficulties of living in a city. How can governments make urban life better for everyone?
  38. Planting trees is very important .some people says that trees should be planted in the vacant areas of cities and town, while others says that housing facilities should be build instead. Do you agree or disagree?
  39. In many countries women no longer feel the need to get married. Some people believe that this is because women are able to earn on their own income and therefore do not require the financial security marriage can bring. To what extent do you agree?
  40. Nowadays celebrities are more famous for their glamour than for their glamour and wealth than for their achievements and this sets a bad example to the young people. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
  41. More and more businesses as well as individuals are choosing to communicate either professionally or socially using technology rather than face to face. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using technology for communicating.
  42. Some people think that being able to communicate with others online is breaking down geographical barriers and enabling people, who would normally never have the chance to meet, to communicate. What are the advantages of international communication online? Are there any disadvantages to this?
  43. Nowadays there is an increase in social problems involving young people because more parents spent time at work than with their children. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
  44. Some people are afraid to go out for fear of being robbed on the streets. Still, there are robberies that happen inside houses. What do you think is the best things a person can do to ensure his/her own security? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
  45. Some people think that with combined effort on the part of the government and society crime can be completely eradicated, while others argue that this is completely hypothetical and that crime has always been present in societies even in ancient times. Compare these two views. Which do you agree with? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
  46. Today, most people get married and give birth in their thirties rather than when they are younger.Is it a positive or negative development in your opinion? To what extent do you support this development?
  47. Environmental issues have always been an international problem because governments are not imposing harsh punishments against offenders. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Support your answer with specific reasons and examples.
  48. Many efforts have been made by countries to address challenges concerning the environment but the situation has not improved. What are the possible reasons for environmental degradation? Are there any solutions to combat this problem? Support your answer with specific reasons and examples.
  49. In many countries people tend to move overseas or move to a different part of their country after their retirement. Discuss why they do so and what the outcome of this situation is. Provide specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.
  50. Recent surveys show increased interest in relocation and travel to other countries. What may be the reasons for this trend, and what will be the possible outcome from this behavior? Provide examples for your opinion.

So these are few Expected Writing Task 2 Questions that you can practice for your desired score, so just try to solve it. For more preparation tips and Study material, visit in our any office take free demo and then Join us.