We would like to kindly inform you about the following recent changes in the prices of the embassy for the Australia Student Visa (Subclass 500). The updated fees are as follows:

The updated fees are as follows:

Main Applicant: 1600 AUD

Spouse: 1190 AUD

Child: 390 AUD


Previously, the fees were:

Main Applicant: 710 AUD

Spouse: 530 AUD

Child: 175 AUD

Such adjustments stress the need to adhere very closely to the officially set budget expectations. Therefore, if you are planning on applying for the Australia Student Visa (Subclass 500), it is important to be careful to avoid the delays or any complications in your application.

Australia has one of the best education system, melting population, and various openness to growth for international students. The Australia Student Visa (Subclass 500) enables you to study full time in Australia and your eligible family members can apply to come along with you, to help you have the company of your dear ones when you are studying down there.

In order to avoid the unfavorable aspects of these new changes in the visa processes, it is advised to get professional help. Our highly knowledgeable staff can help you at every step, guaranteeing that your application contains all the necessary information. As a result of the high costs, it is vital for one not to make a single mistake that will lead to further charges or delay the process.

Contact us early enough to get professional assistance that will make your AU Student Visa (subclass 500) process a success. It is our pleasure to assist you in the achievement of your dream to study in Australia without any hassle.

Act now to safeguard your job in one of the world’s academic developments hotbeds!