Government further tightens student visa applications to stop 'visa hopping'

Employing various measures to cut what it refers to as “visa hopping,” the Australian government has stepped up measures of regulating citizenship to foreigners visiting Australia for education purposes depending on migrant levels.

1.)   From 1 July 2024, the current Visitor Visa or Temporary Graduate Visa holders cannot apply for Student Visa onshore anymore. This decision helps to control the ongoing situation and the popularity of converting visitors into student visas. Since July 2023 more than 36,000 applications have been submitted.

2.)  The government plans to bring graduates to either gain skilled employment or emigrate as a result of studies deeming that one in three international graduates return to further their studies to maintain their living in the country in cheaper courses.

O’Neil further asserts the need for a proper migration system that brings people with the required skills but does not take advantage of the loopholes and rightly sketches a plan on how these gaps regarding education internationally can be closed