PTE - Pearson Test of English, a well-known English proficiency test, has become everyone’s choice to study abroad. Compared to IELTS, the PTE exam is computer-based, making it a little relaxing and organized. It is accepted worldwide, and a good PTE score can help you get admission to your dream foreign university or college. The recent acceptance of PTE for Canada student VISA under the SDS (Student Direct Stream) category is a considerable step to promote the PTE exam. Students planning for overseas education must know about how they can get a good score through proven strategies implemented in PTE online coaching as well as offline classes. Without further ado, let’s get started to discover those strategies.


Embrace simple strategies to prepare for PTE Online Coaching

The PTE exam includes 20 tasks categorized under four modules - speaking, writing, reading, and listening. All these tasks can be completed to get a high score if followed by simple tips and tricks. Here, we will explain them one by one.

Speaking & Writing: Students enrolled in PTE online coaching must follow our methods to improve performance in the speaking & writing module.

Read Aloud - A text appears on the screen for the read-aloud task.

  • Maintain intonation with the help of punctuation when you read the text

  • Put more stress on essential words to sound natural

Repeat Sentence - 3-9 seconds recording played for repeat sentence task.

  • Concentrate on the meaningful phrasing of the Sentence to hear it accurately

  • Copy the Sentence with the same stress and intonation as you listen to it

Describe image - An image appears on the screen to be described.

  • Find the key information highlighted in the image

  • Organize your information in the correct sequence 

Re-tell Lecture - Re-describe a recorded video or lecture in your own words.

  • Concentrate on image to get a better idea of the topic

  • Wisely use 40 seconds of speaking and pass over mistakes to maintain the flow

Answer Short Questions - Answer questions asked after listening to an audio.

  • Don’t pause for more than 3 seconds, Else you lose the chance to answer

  • Keep your answers short and precise - one or a few words

Summarize Written Text - One sentence summary (75 words) after reading a text (300 words).

  • Keep your one-sentence summary between 575 words else no marks for your response

  • Use complex or compound sentences to cover all points of the text

Essay - Write an essay of 200-300 words on a given topic

  • Find keywords from the prompt to create the topic headline

  • Analyze the topic to write your essay in the correct format - discussion format, argumentative format, Agree or disagree format, and more

Reading: Most PTE online coaching experts suggest incorporating our methods to perform outstandingly in the PTE exam. 

Reading & Writing: Fill in the blanks - Fill the gaps in the text with the correct words.

  • Select the most appropriate words to make sense of the line

  • Skim the text to find the overall meaning of the Sentence

  • Read before and after filling the gap to verify your answers

Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer - Read the text and give possible answers to multiple choice questions. 

  • Only answer when you are confident enough to be safe from negative marking 

  • Find repeated options to answer the same phrase questions

Re-order Paragraphs - Arrange paragraphs in the correct sequence. 

  • Read all paragraphs before starting the task

  • Search for the topic paragraph (doesn’t contain pronouns, connectors, or contrast) first and then follow the rest

Multiple Choice, Single Answer - Read the text and answer multiple choice questions.

  • Skim the text for keywords to get answers quickly 

  • Know the phrase of response options and accordingly match with the question type

Listening: Practice these methods along with your preparation in the PTE online coaching center. 

Summarize Spoken Text - Make 50-70 words summary of recorded text.

  • Separate main points and supporting points first

  • Focus on grammar, spelling, punctuation marks

Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer - Listen to the recording and give multiple answers to multiple choice questions.

  • Make notes of key points and supporting points

  • Choose options that match the meaning of the questions.

Fill in the blanks - Fill in missing words from the recorded audio.

  • Skim the content before recording starts

  • Write the missing words from the audio on your rough sheet

Highlight Correct Summary - Match paragraph similar to the recorded audio.

  • Make notes for the best match of your summary.

  • Carefully listen to the audio and remember key points

Multiple Choice, Single Answer - Answer multiple choice questions after listening to the recording.

  • Find the type of information you need to answer the question

  • Review question and answer options to get more clarity on the topic

Select Missing Words - Choose missing words from lists that complete the Sentence of the recording.

  • Try all possible options to choose the correct word

  • Pay attention to recording for a better understanding of the context

Highlight Incorrect Words - Identify words in the text that are different from the recording.

  • Take an overview of the transcript before the recording begins

  • Keep your cursor along the system’s screen as words continue

Write from Dictation - Listen to the recording and write the exact text.

  • Pay full attention to listening only

  • Avoid any spelling mistakes and write the exact words you hear in the recording  

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