In the dynamic landscape of the immigration industry and overseas embassies, changes are frequently implemented to enhance the country's welfare and the experiences of immigrants. Today, we're excited to bring you the latest updates regarding student visa applications for the UK. We'll delve into the recent changes made by UKVI authorities, offering comprehensive insights to aid prospective students in navigating the application process with confidence and clarity.


UK Student Visa New update


The post-study work visa remains unchanged.


E Students can no longer switch from a study visa to a work visa once they finish their course.

Starting from the January 2024 intake, only international students enrolled in research programs can bring their family members and dependents.


Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS):


When initiating an application process for overseas ventures, such as studying or working abroad for more than six months, it's crucial to know various requirements and fees. One such fee often encountered is the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS). The IHS is a mandatory payment levied by many countries, including the UK, to cover healthcare costs during one's stay. This fee is integral to the application process and ensures access to the country's healthcare system. Understanding and fulfilling such obligations is essential for a smooth and successful transition abroad.


Significant modifications have been made to the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS), which goes into effect in mid-January due to recent pronouncements by UK immigration officials. The financial picture for those applying for visas has changed due to these changes, especially for those who want to enter the UK for longer durations. With the new framework, the cost of an IHS application has increased to £1035 for those who previously submitted a single application and paid £624. This represents a significant 66% increase in expenditures. These changes demonstrate the fluidity of immigration laws and emphasize the importance of meticulous preparation for those considering applying for a UK visa.


IHS for students: It's crucial to remember that the updated IHS cost affects employees and their accompanying family members who want to stay in the UK for at least six months. Additionally, holders of youth mobility visas and student and children keys will substantially increase their yearly IHS rate, going from £470 to £776 per annum. These changes require people and families wishing to apply for UK visas to give them careful thought and to plan accordingly.


Skilled worker Visa:


Major changes are made to the skilled worker visa category, especially about the income criteria. Before this, candidates had to make at least £26,200 a year. But in the spring of 2024, a significant increase in the minimum income level is planned. With this first modification, the barrier will rise to roughly £34,500. Additional increases are expected later in the year, though exact dates are unknown. These modifications signify a substantial shift in the requirements for obtaining a visa. Therefore, future skilled worker applicants must pay close attention to these changes and make appropriate plans.


International students:


Recent updates to UK immigration laws have introduced several barriers affecting students and their ability to bring dependents to the country, alongside strict regulations for obtaining work visas. The power of overseas students to bring their partners or children on dependent visas is restricted unless they are enrolled in postgraduate research programs or doctoral programs. These developments may affect students pursuing higher education in the UK, representing a change from prior policy. 


Overall, interested individuals should plan their process while keeping the abovementioned points.