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Many tests are available that students can take to show their English skills. IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL are popular exams accepted worldwide by reputed educational bodies. For students who have made up their minds to enroll for the PTE exam and are looking for PTE coaching, Western Overseas is their destination. We are the established PTE coaching provider that offers PTE training near Punjab and Haryana. Se before presenting our educational firm, let's know about the PTE exam.  

Take a look at the complex PTE exam pattern

Globalization puts deep roots everywhere and entices students to adopt new learning methodologies for better technical and soft skills advancement. International studies provide students with a great pathway to taste success in their careers. But going abroad is more challenging than ABC, and it involves putting in much effort, dedication, and a considerable amount of money. So, students always take every step carefully in the long process of abroad studies. The first step to initiate the process is proof of English proficiency.

Pearson Language Tests is part of the PLC group responsible for the existence of PTE tests. PTE represents the Pearson Test of English used to check and approve the English communication skills of non-native speakers. There are two types of PTE tests: PTE Academic and PTE General. Both are scenario-based exams that are used to check the English level of a candidate. Let's find out the differences between the two types of PTE before moving toward PTE coaching necessity.

Specifics PTE Academic PTE general
Introduction It was first introduced in 2009 by the Pearson Language Tests and certified by the Graduate Management Admission Council. Since its recognition, it has been regulated by the Pearson PLC Group. It was first developed by the University of London in 1982. Since 1996 the exam has been conducted and supervised by Edexcel which is the largest examining body in the UK.
Modules It includes three modules for testing students’ potential in the English language. Speaking & writing, reading and listening It contains two modules for testing students’ potential in the English language. Writing module and Speaking module
Mode of exam It is a fully computer-based exam. It is a non-computerized test that is taken by the UK examiners
Validity The validity of this exam is up to 2 years The scorecard is valid for a lifetime.
Availability The exam is available throughout the year Students can take the exam only in May, June, and December
Registration Booking on the Pearson website Booking on the Edexcel website
Purpose The purpose of this exam is to enable students to study in foreign countries where English is the primary language The purpose of this exam is to permit students to study in foreign countries where English is the secondary language
Uses PTE academic scorecard can be used in the VISA application PTE general scorecard can be used in the VISA application
Acceptance Accepted in English-speaking countries Accepted in non-English-speaking European countries



Choose the PTE academic Test to Study Abroad

Students who plan to move abroad should opt for the PTE academic exam. This test type is designed to allow students to move to any English-speaking country for study reasons. Now, we will focus on PTE academics, which serve as students' primary motive for education. Most PTE coaching providers focus on coaching students for PTE academics. As mentioned, PTE consists of three modules; now it's time to have deep insights into them. Let's get started!

1. Speaking and writing module

This module examines the speaking and writing skills of students. There are eight subsections used to judge different levels of English competence. Here, we are going to discuss them all one by one.

  • Personal Introduction: It is a warmup session that allows students to get comfortable for the upcoming speaking and listening sessions. This session is not used for scoring purposes, so students don't need to bother with it. Students have 25 seconds to read the prompt on the screen and prepare themselves for the response. Following it, 30 seconds are provided to record the answer.   

  • Read aloud: It is purely a speaking task that involves reading the text displayed on the screen aloud. The text is 60 words long, and the necessary time is provided to complete the task. Students have the time of 30-40 seconds to read the text and get ready. Once you hear the beep sound, the recording time starts. Make sure not to speak before the recording time begins.

    • Speak loudly and clearly, and don't be in any rush

    • Make sure to complete the reading text before the progress line reaches the endpoint

    • Students are allowed to record the response only once

    • In case there is a pause of more than 3 seconds, the recording will end automatically

  • Repeat Sentence: It involves the task that measures listening and speaking abilities. Students are given a recording of 3-9 seconds long, and 15 seconds are given to record the response. Once the audio ends, the microphone opens to record the answer. Make sure to repeat the exact words you hear in the audio.

    • Speak aloud and never be in any rush

    • Finish the task before the given recording time.

    • Students are allowed to listen to the audio only once. So, make sure to pay attention when listening.

  • Describe the image: This task is to measure only speaking skills. An image is displayed on the screen, and students have 25 seconds to examine the image and prepare the speaking content. Start speaking on the spot to record your answer on hearing a short tone.

    • Speak with clarity and keep your tone high

    • It is necessary to complete speaking before the progress line reaches the endpoint

    • There is only a one-time recording

  • Re-tell lecture: Students' speaking and listening capabilities are measured through this task. Students are provided to listen to and watch a lecture in audio-video format. The lecture length can be up to 90 seconds. Once the lecture finishes, students need to prepare the answer in just 10 seconds. Forty seconds are available to students to record the answer. Start speaking on hearing the beep sound that signifies the start of recording.  

    • Speak confidently with the correct pronunciation.

    • Finishing speaking before the progress bar comes to the endpoint is mandatory.

    • The recording is done only once.

    • In the meantime, when listening to a lecture, you can also make a short note on the notepad available on the desk.

  • Answer short questions: It is a listening-speaking task that estimates candidates' performance. Students need to listen to questions recording that plays for about 3-9 seconds along with the image on the screen. Aspirants must answer the question within 10 seconds in one or a few words once the beep sound blows to answer the question.

    • Be attentive when you hear the audio, as you can only listen to the clip.

    • Answer the question clearly and confidently

    • End your speaking before the progress bar comes to the end position.

  • Summarize written text: This task is used to assess candidates' reading and writing skills. The written text has a length of up to 300 words. Students need to write a summary of the content in 10 minutes. Try to make your summary one sentence long, only having less than 75 words and including the topic's highlights. Writing space is provided at the end of the topic with the options of cut, copy and paste, and word count facility.

  • Essay: It is purely a writing task that the writing caliber of a student. Candidates are given a topic on which they are to write an essay of 200-300 words. A topic of 2-3 words is displayed on the screen, and students must start the task immediately. Twenty minutes are secured for the whole task. Writing space with cut, copy, and paste options is available to you with the convenience of word count. Be sure to keep the essay length between 200-300 words only.

2. Reading Module

This module is used to evaluate the reading potential of candidates through 5 different question types. PTE coaching providers always concentrate on letting their students know entirely about these patterns. Here, we are going to learn one by one.

  • Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks: For this type of question, a text of length of around 300 words appears on the screen with some missing words. Each gap includes a button with a drop-down menu having the option to fill the gap. Students need to fill in the most appropriate word with the left-click option. One can change the word if he finds it unsuitable through the same option. This task is designed to check reading and writing skills.

  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer: It is truly a reading task that rates students' competence in reading. You are to read a paragraph of 300 words or less and answer a multi-choice question. There can be more than one option for the correct answer. So, choose the answer accordingly. To select the option, click the left button on the mouse. Similarly, you can also change the option.    

  • Re-order Paragraphs: To know students' expertise in the reading module, re-ordering a paragraph is given. Un-ordered texts appear on the screen in boxes. Students must make the correct order by dragging the box on the right side of the screen in the correct sequence. To drag the box, you need to click the left button on the mouse to select the box and hold the button to drag it to your desired position. Similarly, you can change the position of boxes as per your need.

  • Fill in the Blanks: This reading task weighs reading skills. A text is given having approximately 80 words with several gaps in between. To fill the gaps, you are also given a list of words in the blue box at the bottom of the screen. There can be more words than gaps, so choose the most relevant word for the gaps. By clicking the mouse left button on a word and dragging it to your desired position, you can fill in the blank space. In the same way, you can remove the word and place another word.

  • Multiple Choice, Single Answer: This question type is the same as the multi-choice multi-answer type. The only difference is that there is only one correct answer. The rest of the procedure to follow is the same.

3. Listening Module

This module is specifically designed to assess the listening expertise of students. It comprises 8 question types that signify the wide range of listening competence. So be careful when taking the exam, particularly this module, and try to take PTE coaching to know about these patterns.

  • Summarize Spoken Text: It is a listening & writing task that aims to judge students' proficiency in English. A recording plays for around 60-90 seconds, and students need to listen cautiously as there is only one chance to listen to the recording. Once you hear the complete recording, you are to write a summary of 50-70 words that includes the main points and core idea of the recording. The total time allotted to the students is 10 minutes, including listening to the recording, pondering about the topic, and writing the summary within word limits. Writing space with cut, copy, and paste options and a word count option are also included.

  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers: It is utterly a listening task that defines the listening skills of candidates. At the beginning of the task, a recording plays for 40-90 seconds. And then you need to answer the question. There can be more than one correct answer, so select all the correct answers. You get only one chance to listen to the recording, so be attentive then.  

  • Fill in the Blanks: It is a listening and writing task to determine students' English level. A recorded script displays on the screen for 30-60 seconds with some gaps. You must listen to the audio carefully to discover the missing words. While the audio plays, you can make the note and fill in the gap at the end of the audio. You need to type the word in the gaps.

  • Highlight Correct Summary: It contributes to measuring listening and reading skills. A recording starts and runs for 30-90 words. You need to select the most appropriate summary according to the spoken content. It's wise to make a note while listening to the recording. And then read the summaries to select the best match.

  • Multiple Choice, Single Answer: It is a listening exercise. A recording begins and lasts for 30-90 seconds. According to the recording, you need to choose the correct answer to the question. There is one correct answer to the question, so choose only one option.

  • Select Missing Word: It is a listening activity. You are provided to listen to the recording for 20-70 seconds, which is incomplete. To complete the recording, select the missing words from the given option. Pay attention to recording, as it is available only once.

  • Highlight Incorrect Words: It checks the listening and reading strength. A transcript of recorded text appears on the screen, and it plays for around 15-50 minutes. The transcript does have some errors in the text that need to be corrected by the students. While listening and reading the recording, you can highlight and correct the errors later. The errors mean that the text contains different words from the words spoken in the recording. You need to replace those words with the correct words.

  • Write from Dictation: It involves measuring candidates' listening and writing caliber. Short audio of 3-5 seconds plays that speaks a sentence. Students are to write the same sentences with correct spelling in the writing space.

Time duration for PTE modules

Module Time duration
Speaking and writing 54-67 minutes
Reading 29-30 minutes
Listening 30-43 minutes


PTE Academic Online Exam


It is a new version of the PTE exam at the convenience of taking the test at home. You can take the test for study applications. Currently, it cannot be used in VISA applications for some reasons. There are many circumstances in which a student can take this mode of exam that are:

  • Your nearby PTE exam centers are not open.

  • Your region doesn't have any PTE exam centers.

  • You can't approach the test center.

  • You may have extra needs that can only be supported at home.


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