Study in Latvia

Latvia is known as the land that sings; this country is a symphony of sounds, experiences, and sights. Apart from this, the Latvian Government has emphasized education and has made many educational reforms. This quality of Latvia made it an ideal International destination. Engineering study in Latvia is prevalent, and you may get it at an affordable price. There is lots more reason which make it a perfect study destination. Some significant reasons are as follows:

Major Points

  • IELTS not required

  • Gap Acceptable

  • Study Duration- 2 years

  • Schengen Country

  • Four intakes- Sept, Nov, Feb, April

  • Fee to pay before visa

  • The college will take interviews for case confirmation


About Latvia

A country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe that is the second greenest country in the world (following Yale and Columbia universities’ research (EPI index ).

Official name: Republic of Latvia

Capital: Riga

Money: Monetary unit: Euro (1EUR = 100 cents). Most of the shops, restaurants, and hotels accept credit and debit cards. ATMs are common in Latvia and are available 24/7. Banks are open on working days from 9:00 to 17:00.

Living Expenses: Living Expenses may vary according to your personal requirements and general standards of living, but in general, you need to consider average monthly costs of 400,00EUR, which include:

Accommodation: 70.00 – 129,00EUR (LLU accommodation)

Food: 200,00EUR

Leisure/other: 80,00EUR

Weather: Latvia is located in the temperate climate zone, and thus, there are four clear weather here. The average temperature lasts around 20 degrees during the summer, but sometimes it will increase to 30 degrees Celsius.

Be prepared for some chilly days in Winter. During the Winter, the temperature holds around 0C-5C degrees, but at the same time can fall to -20C. Winter boots and jackets are a must and will allow you to enjoy this season. So, the weather conditions will also not interrupt your decision to Study in Latvia.

Telephoning: The country code for Latvia is (00371) + number. It is the best option to purchase a prepaid card for making and receiving mobile telephone calls and messages later; you can recharge it.

Emergency call: In case of any accident, call 112

Electricity: Electric supply is dependable: 220 volts AC, 50 Hz; European two-pin

Touring (transport): The areas built in Latvia have a speed limit of 50 km/h; in the outer areas, this limit is – 90 km/h. The use of dipping headlights is mandatory day and night. You can also travel around by using public transport services.

Postal Service in city Jelgava: The main post office is located at 2b Katolustreet. It is open from 07.00-19.00 Monday to Friday and 07.00-16.00 on Saturdays. The prices of the stamps on a letter differ according to the destination.

If you expect to receive a letter during your stay at the university, use the following address:

“Your name

International Cooperation Centre

Latvia University of Agriculture

2 Liela str., Jelgava, LV-3001


Student Card: All international students should obtain a student card (International Student Identity Card). The ISIC card is handy during your Study in Latvia. You can get various discounts with this student card in theatres, cinemas, etc. The card also offers discounts when students travel by bus or train within the country and the towns. The ISIC student card is also necessary to access the university library and sports center. If you want to get this card, you must fill out an Application form after arriving in Latvia. For more information concerning obtaining the card, contact the International Cooperation Centre.

So, are you thinking about studying in Latvia? Read the above details carefully about this country and the benefits of a Latvia student visa.


To study in Latvia, you need a Student visa. Read the step-by-step Latvia Student Visa Requirements and process with the required documents, and be careful because a single mistake can be the reason for your visa rejection.

Step-1: Original documents required from students (Apostille)

  • ESL Application form

  • Passport

  • Photo with white background (35/ 45 size)

  • All educational documents- X, XII/PUC, and Bachelor Certificates and Marksheet (Translated into English)

    • Provisional certificate not accepted

    • The grade should be 50% and above

  • IELTS, TOFEL, Medium of Instruction certificate, or any English Proficiency Certificate

  • CV

Step 2: Upon receiving the above documents, ESL will process the admission

Step 3: The applicant will receive a Conditional Acceptance Letter and Invoice for paying the Application fee

It is one of the most critical steps of the Latvia Student Visa requirements; you should be careful while transferring the fee.

  • Payment will be made directly to the University’s Account

  • Application fee – around 180 -300 Euro -Depends on course and university

  • Non-refundable

Step 4: The applicant should face a Skype interview or online tests

  • Some Universities do not have any admission tests.

  • For non-confident students -ESL will help with online tests. ESL will give training for Skype interviews

Step 5: The Educational Documents will be submitted to the Academic Information Centre (AIC) for verification by the university.

  • Duration -minimum two weeks to maximum four weeks.

  • Some universities do not require AIC.

Step-6: Upon receiving the AIC statement, the university will provide the following:

  • Final admission letter

  • Study Contract

  • Invoice for tuition fee – around 2000 -3400 Euro -Depends on course and university

  • Invoice for Security Deposit – around 500-700 Euro – Depends on course and university

  • Tuition fees and Security fees are refundable in case of visa rejection.


1) After successfully paying the Tuition fee and application for a Residence Permit, only the bachelor-level Applicants will send the following original documents to ESL by DHL or courier for the further processing of the Latvia Student Visa Process.

Bachelor level Masters Level
Data Page of Passport with Apostille NA
3 Photos (35/45)-white background NA

Bank Statement of 5000 Euro. The following should be mentioned in the bank solvency certificate

  • Your Name, surname
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport Number
  • Amount in Euros

An international debit card from the same bank.

Police clearance certificate with Apostille (Legalized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs) NA
X and XII/PUC Certificates and Mark sheets Legalized with Apostille (Legalized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs) NA
A residence permit form will be provided by ESL. It must be signed with a blue pen. NA
Signed Study Contract NA
Any legal documents such as marriage certificate, or name change affidavit need Apostille NA
Rest of the documents, the university will provide (a study contract, invitation letter, and accommodation contract) NA

Payment of Residence Permit fee (Swift copy)

Fee- for 5 Working Days -355 Euro, 10 Working Days -214, 30 days -72 Euro

  • Applicants should transfer to the university.
  • It is non-refundable

2) Upon successful payment of tuition fee, the university will provide the following visa supporting documents

Bachelor Level Masters Level
Invitation letter Invitation letter
  Visa Grantee letter
  Accommodation confirmation letter

Step-8: Applicants should carry the following documents to the Embassy of Latvia in Delhi and face an interview.

Bachelors Level Masters Level

(Applicants will appear for a Residence Permit Interview)

Consular Fee:  Rs. 4,600/- by bank draft in favor of the Embassy of Latvia

(Applicants will appear for a Visa Interview)

Visa Fee: Rs. 4,600/- by bank draft in favor of Embassy of Latvia

Visa Processing time – 7 days

Courses offered (Diploma- 2 years):

Checkout the list of the programs offered by the Latvian colleges to their international students:

  • Accounting

  • Banking

  • Business Administration

  • Law

  • Logistics

  • Personnel Management

  • Programming and Computer Network Administration

Colleges we represent:

  • Latvia Business College

  • Rezekne Academy of Technologies

  • Latvia University of Agriculture

  • Riga Technical University

The Latvia Student Visa Process is not as easy as it seems; a single mistake can cause your visa rejection. So, read all the mentioned steps very carefully.