A Complete Guide to Visitor VISA Dubai

Dubai is the ultimate destination for the best traveling experience and unforgettable vacations. It is one of the wealthiest places known for its skyscrapers, ports, artificial beaches, charming landscape, luxury lifestyle, and unbelievable infrastructures. Indians wishing to visit Dubai as a visitor must know how to enter the city. Temporary immigration in Dubai requires visitors to have a visitor visa. If you still don’t have this visa and plan to visit Dubai, consult us to apply for your visitor visa. We provide a hassle-free experience to our clients through our streamlined visa services. Here, we will educate you on the essential eligibility criteria and process to apply for a Dubai visitor visa. Let’s get rolling!


Types of Dubai Visitor VISA

Depending on the duration and intentions of traveling to Dubai, six types of visitor visas are available to Indians and other nationals. 

1) 48 Horus stay visitor VISA - It is ideal for visitors visiting Dubai for business meetings, award ceremonies, or a short trip to close one. The validity of this visa is 30 days from the issued date. 

2) 96 Horus stay visitor VISA - Similar to the visa mentioned above, this visa is also the best option to plan a short trip to Dubai. The visa is active for 30 days from the issued date. After that, you have to apply for a new application.

3) 30-day visitor VISA - A single entry visa allows visitors to stay in Dubai for a maximum of 30 days. On this visa, one can plan business trips, family gatherings, tourism, or vacations. Validity is for 58 days from the date when issued.

4) 60-day visitor VISA - Similar to the previous type, this visitor visa has an extended stay of 60 days. One can extend the visa twice; the validity is also 58 days from the issued date. 

5) 30-day multi-entry visitor VISA - This is a multi-entry visa suitable for business, tourism, and visiting family and friends. Extension to this visa type is allowed twice and is valid for 58 days from the granted date.  

6) 60-day multi-entry visitor VISA - A multi-entry visa allows an extended stay of 60 days in Dubai. It is valid for 58 days from the issue date and can be extended four times. Business persons, tourists, and families can apply for this visa to have multiple benefits. 

Eligibility to apply for Visitor VISA | Dubai

The applicants must meet the following conditions to become eligible for a visitor visa. Meet our expert Dubai visa consultants for a better understanding or profile evaluation. 

  • You must be a genuine visitor with sincere intentions of visiting Dubai

  • You must have enough funds to support your entire trip to Dubai

  • You must have a strong bond with your home country and valid reasons for your return

  • You must have good character and no criminal record

  • You must be fit and healthy for your trip

How to Apply for a Dubai Visitor VISA

The process of applying for a visitor visa is carried out in many successive steps. The applicants must talk to the VISA experts if they need help to handle the process. We are available to serve anytime and anywhere.

Step 1 - Choose the VISA type

Before everything else, you must choose which visa types (listed above) will suit you. You can make the decision depending on your purpose of visit and duration of stay. 

Step 2 - Arrange Required Documents

The next thing you must concentrate on is collecting all the required documents requested by the immigration officials. Continue to read to find the document checklist. 

Step 3 - Book your VISA Appointment

If applicable, schedule your appointment at the Embassy or Consulate nearest to your place. In most cases, no appointment or interview is required. However, general questions are asked if an interview is scheduled.

Step 4 - Complete the application form

Depending upon your mode of application (online/offline), you need to fill out the visitor visa application form with accurate information. Contact your nearest embassy or us for any help with the application form.

Step 5 - Pay the Visa Fee

Applicants need to pay application fees that vary as per visa type. One can pay it online or offline as well. Keep the payment slip for further processing. 

Step 6 Sumit your Visitor VISA Application

Once you complete the form and pay the fee, it’s time to submit your file for visitor VISA, Dubai. 

Document List for Dubai Visitor Visa

  • Current Passport with at least 6-months validity

  • Traveling documents as requested

  • Two passport-size photographs

  • Invitation letter if going for business or work purposes

  • Conformation of Round-trip tickets 

  • VISA application pay slip

  • NOC from parents or husband if you are a woman under 24

  • Income tax return to prove your regular source of income

  • Previous 3-months salary slips

  • PAN card copy

  • Proof to show your financial stability, such as FD (fixed deposit) or saving amount

Cost to apply for a Dubai Visitor VISA from India

Cost varies depending upon the visa type. Check out tabular data to know the price.

Visa Type Visa Fee (AED)
48 hours Visitor Visa 36.73
96 hours Visitor Visa 110.19
30-day Visitor visa (single entry) 330.57
30-day Visitor Visa (Multiple Entry) 499.43
60-day Visitor Visa (Single Entry) 650.12
60-day Visitor Visa (Multi Entry) 848.46

Time to process Visitor VISA application

The estimated processing time of a Dubai visitor visa is 3 to 5 business days. There may be a delay for any random reason. Therefore, consult our professional Dubai visa consultants for fast processing. 

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