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Nowadays, everyone wants to experience Canada to visit family, friends, and tourist destinations. Visitor visa Canada allows a million visitors to travel across Canada for up to 6 months. You are not allowed to work on a Visitor visa, but you can enjoy tourism and culture. At Western Overseas, we have expertise in providing quick visa services. The Canadian Visitor visa has two types: one is a single entry, and the other is a multiple entry visa. With a single entry visa, an applicant can enter Canada once, whereas multiple entry visas allow one to come and go as per the wish. Here, we have listed the essential requirements for a Canada Visitor visa.



  • Mention the valid reason why you want to visit Canada

  • One must show sufficient financial backup during their stay in Canada.

  • An applicant is not eligible to find work and do work in Canada.

  • Have no criminal background to apply for a visitor visa.

  • Candidates who want to stay with their family or friends must need an invitation letter from their sponsor.

  • An applicant should have good health.

  • Other additional requirements will depend on the individual profile.

Documents Required to Apply for Visitor Visa Canada

Here, you can find the document list you need to apply for a visitor visa to Canada. Firstly, you must ensure why you are visiting Canada, whether for Business, as a tourist, family visit, or others.

  • Documents required when you are visiting as a visitor

    • Share your travel history if you visited Canada or any other country prior.

    • How long are you planning to stay?

    • Enough money and an account statement to show your survival in Canada (At least six months).

    • Identity proof is mandatory, such as a valid Passport.

    • Documents of representative (if the family member is applying on your behalf)

    • Family information is required to complete the application.

  • Documents required when you are visiting for Business

    • Firstly, Identity proof is required to submit your business visa application.

    • Account statements to show your financial history.

    • Travel Record in the past.

    • Employer information who is giving you the job and supports you in Canada.

    • Copy of flight details, hotel booking, and event registration details to show the length of your stay in Canada.

  • Documents required when you are visiting for the family visit

    • For this visa, you must first tell the status of your family member living in Canada, such as Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident, or temporary resident.

    • If you are visiting a temporary resident in Canada, you need a letter of invitation to tell the reason for visiting, your previous travel history, account statements, ID proof, etc.

    • If you are visiting a permanent resident or Canadian citizen, you may require proof of relationship, a letter of invitation with valid proof, medical insurance, previous travel history, etc.

How to apply for a visitor visa in Canada?

  1. Gather all the above documents per the category you choose for a visitor visa. If any assistance is required, call our visa experts at Western Overseas.

  2. If you want to Create an account by yourself to apply online, our team will also assist you.

  3. Then, you need to upload the documents and pay your fees online. If you have no idea how to apply, no worries; Western Overseas will assist you at every step.

  4. Give your biometric for fingerprints and your photo to complete the application.

  5. Then, the embassy will review the application and check if all the documents are up to the mark.

  6. Once your visa application gets approved, send your passport per the instructions.

  7. Finally, pack and start your trip to Canada.

Overall, A visitor visa allows you to enter Canada temporarily for tourism, leisure, or to visit friends and family. It's crucial to provide honest and accurate information during the application process. Just ensure that you meet the requirements for a visitor visa and plan your trip accordingly to make the most of your visit to Canada. Western Overseas helps you in each step to the success of your application.