Germany Visitor VISA | Learn to apply from India

Germany is a beautiful European country situated in Western Europe. It’s the second most populated nation after Russia. It is known for its high living standards, stable economy, modern developments, versatile culture, charming cities, high-quality beverages, beers, smooth education system, and luring career options. Also, tourism in Germany is considerably higher than in other nearby countries. Millions of foreign visitors choose the country for tourism, short vacations, and exploring the true beauty of nature. However, travelers need to follow the immigration system if they wish to visit the country. It includes getting a German visitor/tourist visa, also known as a German Schengen Visa. Residents of more than 60 countries do not require any visa to enter the country. But if your country isn’t included in the list, you need to obtain a visa even for a few days trip. Here, we have compiled everything you need to know to apply for a visitor visa to Germany. Keep reading for the best visa help.

German Schengen Visa also called a tourist or visitor visa, allows its holders to enter Germany and other 27 Schengen countries. If an applicant is issued the visa, the applicant’s passport is labeled with a sticker with traveling permissions. The visa can be used for many purposes, such as tourism, visiting family members, and spending holidays. The visa is valid for a maximum of 90 days. Visitors are not allowed to work or study on a visitor visa. One has to apply for a separate German study visa or work visa.


Do Indians need to apply for a Germany Visitor VISA?

Yes, Indians need a tourist visa if they want to visit the country. With this visa, you also have the right to visit other 25 Schengen countries. Talk to our Germany VISA Consultants if you need help with your German visitor visa application.

Basic German Visitor VISA Requirements - Become Eligible to apply

It is important to fulfill all requirements before filing the tourist visa application. German officials are strict with the immigration rules, and failing to meet any visa need can directly reject the file. We have listed below the general visa requirements and documents that need to be available when applying.

  • Completed Application form for visitor visa - Filled with accurate information and applicant’s signature at the end. Must be filled in English or German language

  • Declaration of Accurate Information

  • Three months old, two passport-size photos clicked in the format specified for a German Schengen Visa.

  • Current passport with a validity of 3 months. The passport must have two empty pages for the visa sticker to be stamped.

  • Traveling plan document - with flight number and dates for arrival and departure from Germany

  • Schengen Travel Insurance - You must buy health insurance for your trip to Germany. A minimum plan of Euros 30,000 is suitable to cover the health expenses. The Consulates or Embassies of Germany must approve the insurance company. Generally, the health plan is acceptable globally.

  • Accommodation in Germany - You must have proof of accommodation for your entire stay in Germany. You can submit the hotel or hostel booking slips. Also, you can show the rent agreement of the rented place.

  • In case you are organizing a tour with a traveling agent, submit an approved letter given by your organizer.

  • Financial proof - You must have enough funds to support yourself during your visit to Germany. You can deposit bank account statements or a sponsorship letter (if you have a sponsor sponsoring your trip),

  • Invitation letter from the German host with proof of residency

  • Relationship proofs with the host staying in Germany

  • Commitment letter provided by the host. The form is available at the office of German immigration authorities in Germany, and the host needs to submit the letter with a proper explanation.

  • Employment status proof - you need to submit the required documents as per your job type.

  • Cover Letter - It is an important document stating your purpose of visit, a brief to tour, places you will visit, and personal information.

  • For minors - Consent of parents in case traveling alone

How to apply for a German Visitor VISA from India

Applying for a visitor visa involves many steps to be carried out in succession. Study them and talk to us about your visa queries.

  • The process begins with meeting all visa requirements and gathering the corresponding documents as proof.

  • The next step is to find a German embassy/consulate/visa center nearest to your location. You will have to book a visa appointment at the center. In India, there are 13 authorized VFS centers to book appointments online as well as offline. Take our help to get an instant date for your interview.

  • Download the German visitor visa application form online and fill it out correctly. Take two copies of the complete form and sign them for Self Attestation.

  • Pay the application fee (€80) and carry the slip with you. Also, carry all the supporting documents for visa processing.

  • Attend the interview at the embassy. It takes around 20 to 25 minutes, during which the visa officer asks you questions related to your trip and documents. Make sure you are prepared well to prove your genuine intention of visiting Germany.

When to apply for a German Visitor VISA

A minimum of 3 weeks prior to your travel date for Germany. As per the latest immigration news, one can submit the visa application six months before the planned trip. So, decide accordingly to give reasonable processing time to your VISA application.

German Visitor Visa Processing time

The minimum processing time is around two weeks. However, some delay is also possible due to reasons of

  • Incomplete documentation

  • Wrong information provided

  • Rush of visa applications

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