Get familiarized with the format and pattern of IELTS right before taking up the test. Skills required for passing the IELTS test takes time to build up. You can’t cram things and think of passing out the test easily. Instead of wasting time and energy in useless cramming activities, you need to follow some IELTS Exam tips like manage your time and use it effectively. Sit to study when you feel fresh according to a planning timetable. Set goals and ensure you have adequate breaks in between.

All four modules: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, carry equal importance. You have to polish each skill carefully, and it is suggested to spend more time on the weakest IELTS module. Be aware of the exam pattern, order of each section, its length and question types. There are many easily available resources to help you practice all these skills well.

Preparing with a study partner or group is obviously an excellent idea. This may let you aware of issues that you might not even think of and overlooked. Seek the help of your family members or English teacher.

You cannot start with ABCD of English. You have to review your skill and know the techniques of passing the IELTS Exam. It is important to follow a healthy lifestyle including exercise, rest, east and sleep well for properly concentrating on your preparations.

Get familiar with the test location in advance. If you are totally new to the location, try to visit the place two to three weeks before the test day.